Okeechobee County and the City of Okeechobee have issued a county-wide burn ban effective immediately until further notice.  This burn ban prohibits burning of yard trash, and other types of fires such as campfires, bonfires, and burn barrels. For more information contact Okeechobee County Fire Rescue at 863-763-5544 or Okeechobee City Fire Department at 863-467-1586.





   Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act specifically outlines how all websites should seek to improve their standards, so that information is uniform and accessible to everyone.  Okeechobee County strives to achieve this goal and works in partner ship with you, from your feedback, to make the website better each day. 

While we strive to make our Web site accessible to all users, we recognize that not all pages may be perfectly accessible to everyone and we are constantly updating our site to achieve this.

Accessibility Features:

  • Every page of content is listed under one of two categories; Citizens or Businesses.  This allows us to keep the information listed in one of the two areas depending upon how it impacts the community.
  • Except for decorative images, images contain descriptive alternate text.
  • Where possible, semantic markup is used to logically structure content, including headers, paragraphs, and lists for pages and labels for form elements.
  • Font sizes are set using relative units (em), allowing for easy resizing of text for better readability.

Third-Party Applications:

      Many pages contain documents that require third-party plug-ins or readers, including:


      Every page of our website comes with a Print Style Sheet, which simply, means that every page has a level of mark up allowing you to print clear and accurate depictions of our website.  It's a "What You See Is What You Get" print area, preventing any confusion about any content listed on our site.


    If you have any concerns regarding our website and the accessibility features included, please feel free to contact County Administrator Executive Assistant at 863-743-6441 ext 1.