magidowlingsettlersverticalThe Okeechobee County Centennial Committee would like to thank our sponsors as well as the Board of County Commissioners for their support in the 2017 Centennial year.  The celebrations that were held throughout the year were not without hard work but more importantly were held to celebrate this historically rich community.  It's important to remember our past to look forward to our future.

 Congratulations goes out to Benji Sellers the lucky winner of the Commemorative rifle. 

A tremendous thank you to the KOA for their help in this event, 1Stop Party Shop for the decorations, Scattered Grass Bluegrass Band, DJ Services, Golden Corral, 4H, Okeechobee High School Drama Club and our very talented emcee Jim Clark.

It was a wonderfully memorable evening.  Now we bid ado to the 2017 Centennial year.