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Okeechobee Geography

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Okeechobee County Geography


Okeechobee City

Okeechobee City is the hub of Okeechobee County, with roughly 5,700 residents and a ton of annual visitors looking for R&R on the shores of paradise. There are a variety of thriving mom-and-pop shops here, with restaurants to visit and natural beauty to enjoy. The small but thriving city exudes both a warm milieu and a progressive mentality – a winning combination.

The “must-sees” of Okeechobee City are on Okeechobee Main Street and Parrot Avenue, especially where they intersect. Okeechobee residents are kind and welcoming, with open minds toward newcomers and a spirit of generosity.

As the Okeechobee County’s headquarters, the town and the county are right on the shores of the stunning Lake Okeechobee. It is offers access to all of Okeechobee’s wonderful attractions like the fisherman’s paradise Taylor Creek Isle, up-and-coming Whispering Pines, and the bustling Cypress Quarters.

North of Okeechobee City is the wildlife walking path known as Taylor Creek STA, lush and brimming with a variety of indigenous fauna and flora. In south Okeechobee City lies the Okeechobee City Resort – an awesome tropical campground. There are RV, campsites, and cabin loggings here and it has everything: from access to the lake or swimming in the resort pool, to playing golf or tennis against a spectacular backdrop. They even have an exercise building and a walking course.

To the southeast is the Brighton Reservation, which houses the Seminole Prairie Safaris and Seminole Casino. Seminole Prairie Safaris is the prime location for hunting exotic animals that have been specially brought in from Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Finally, to the south of Okeechobee City is the stunning lake itself, for which the city and county are named. Home to a variety of fish, water birds, and other aquatic creatures, it is both a beautiful and fascinating ecological destination, not only a fishermen’s dream holiday.

These are other noteworthy areas in Okeechobee county:

Cypress Quarters

Cypress Quarters is a small rural town near Okeechobee City that is primarily housing. It is full of people from all walks of life, thriving as one of the state’s lowest crime areas, with an appreciation for diversity and a pretty good nightlife, too.

Taylor Creek

Taylor Creek is a lush town full of boats, food, and RV campgrounds. Taylor Creek shares a border with Okeechobee City to the south east. This is the ideal location for the most avid fishermen and water sports enthusiasts as it perches right on the shore of Lake Okeechobee itself. Taylor Creek houses the marina to which it has access and is also the home to Taylor Creek Isle. Taylor Creek is where Florida Airboat Charters launches, which caters to all people who love birdwatching, duck or snipe hunting, and want to immerse themselves in Okeechobee’s ecological treasure troves.

Ancient Oaks

Ancient Oaks RV Resort is an adult-only 55-years and older community that hosts mobile homes and offers lots to rent. It has its own marina, a boat ramp, and a plethora of leisure activities. Try your hand at Shuffleboard, card games, sewing and quilting groups, and billiard rooms.

If you are into laid-back aquatics, try out the swimming pools and the hot tubs while you’re here.


Basinger, also known as Fort Basinger, is a ghost town a few miles to the north west of Okeechobee City. It still has a couple of homes, an elementary school, a cemetery, and a few random buildings to see. It’s also not far from the Kissimee River.


Basswood is a suburb community to the north of Okeechobee City. It shares a border with Whispering Pines and the Okeechobee County Airport.

Country Hills Estates

Country Hills Estates is, literally, an estate nestled into the hilly countryside of Okeechobee. The area is bound by breathtaking landscapes, and many of the lots are up for sale as development takes off. It is a one of those hidden gems, providing time to reflect on immaculate scenery all year round.

Deans Court

Deans Court, much like Barber Quarters or Everglades, is a small neighborhood that is home to the First Missionary Baptist Church. A proud but quiet community not far from the Amtrak, it is just a few homes, neatly kept, and dotted with palm trees.

Dixie Ranch Acres

A small housing development a few miles to the north west of Okeechobee City, Dixie Ranch Acres has so much to offer. Its beautiful land and houses are only the beginning. The Dixie folks have a taste for adventure and visitors will find the locals friendly and sociable.

Like the communities of Oak Park and Okeechobee Little Farms, the people of Dixie are focused on both agricultural and ecology much of the time.

Fort Drum

Fort Drum was once a small town only a few miles north of Okeechobee City. There is a Service Plaza where the town used to be, and it is now home to over 21,000 acres of open land. This spot also has an old crystal mine, which is popular with visitors who want to test their hand at digging up their own crystal fossils – a great activity for the younger members of the family to be sure.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a housing development to the east of Okeechobee City, just past Cypress Quarters. This area is full of interesting houses, a juxtaposition against those from all walks of life who call it home, in season and out. Properties range from affordable to slightly more expensive, and it has easy access to the city center.


Hilo is a on the smaller side, a quiet neighborhood in the eastern part of Taylor Creek. Only a few blocks away from Okeechobee Lake it’s just a quick walk away to a view and picnic (and maybe a day of watching a lure bob up and down on the lake as you pretend to have something more important to do).


A beautiful countryside community to the east, just north east of Okeechobee City, Mildred offers an amazing experience of true Florida country. It is a great place to get close-up with nature, so be sure to go prepared.

Quail Acres

Quail Acres is a neighborhood to the north of Okeechobee City, with a few homes. Each property has a decent amount of beautiful land, with large areas to enjoy and unwind. Neighbors may not be close enough to wave over the fence but that doesn’t stop them from coming over for some tea and a chit chat.


Sherman is another ghost town to the south east of Okeechobee City. It is just outside of Taylor Creek but there are no houses left in this part of town. The lumber yard is still available for a few hours of exploration if you feel so inclined.

Taylor Creek Isle

Taylor Creek Isle gets its name from the narrow streams of water dissecting strips of land. The waterways serve an excellent purpose for homeowners in the area as it allows direct access to the Lake Okeechobee through convenient waterways open in season and out. Residents enjoy the added benefit of being able to keep their own boats right next to their homes, available to hop in for a ride all the way on to the lake any time the opportunity presents itself.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is the name of the small strip of land that divides most of Taylor Creek from Okeechobee Lake. It is a bustling community, full of a variety of homes. It is one of the best neighborhoods, with lake access and transport links to the city center.

Viking Estates

Viking Estates is a mostly rural area to the north west of Okeechobee City. It is also known as “The Prairie” due to its grassy plains and mostly dirt roads. Although undeveloped, it is already equipped with a power source and is ready for anyone interested in relocating to the area. Viking Estates is a rough diamond (but not too rough) and is especially well-suited to those who want to own a piece of land and design their own forever (or holiday) home in the Okeechobee area.

Upthegrove Beach

A little way out of the main strip, past the fun-loving community at Ancient Oaks, lies the hugely popular Up the Grove Beach. A gateway to some of the more rural spots dotted around the ninth largest freshwater lake in the country, visitors can find Upthegrove Beach just south east of Taylor Creek.

It was named for an early family that settled there. The original name of the area was Op Den Graef, roughly translating to “by the duke”.

Whispering Pines

Whispering Pines is a suburb, be it a disorganized or ungoverned community of their own making. It is part of the Okeechobee Country bordering the Okeechobee High School and Okeechobee County Airport.

Spot in the Sun and Lazy 7

True to its name, Spot in the Sun is a tiny community to the east of Okeechobee City. It is a sort of sister community to its cousin on the west of Okeechobee City, Lazy 7.


What are your favorite sights and sounds around Okeechobee County?