There are annual events that you may want to attend while visiting Okeechobee. 

Speckled Perch Festival - hosted by Main Street - typically the 2nd weekend in March.

Top of the Lake Art Fest - hosted by Main Street - typically held in January.

Labor Day Festival - hosted by Main Street - held Labor Day weekend.

Top of the lake Christmas Festival and Parade - hosted by Main Street - typically held the 2nd weekend in December.

Christmas Boat Parade - hosted by Okeechobee Yatchette Club - December 16, 2017

Okeechobee County Fair - hosted by the County Fair Committee - held annually in March.

Battle of Okeechobee (Battlefield Re enactment) - hosted by Friends of the Battlefield - held annually in February.

The Okeechobee Cattleman's Association brings the PRCA Rodeo to Okeechobee.  This annual event comes the second weekend in March and runs consecutively with the Speckled Perch Festival.  For more information visit:

Cow Town Rodeo


Okeechobee Music Fest

Okeechobee Music Fest has completed it's 2nd Festival with huge success.  The Soundslinger Productions company plans to make this an annual event that will be scheduled for the first weekend in March. For more information visit: