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Agri-Civic Center Advisory Board

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 The Agri-Civic Center Advisory Committee consists of:

  • 11 members who are all residents of Okeechobee County, FL.
  • Term:  Staggered 4-year terms.
  • Meetings:  The Committee meets on the 1st Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.
  • The Committee is responsible for investigating, and making recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on potential uses for the Agri-Civic Center Complex, including but not limited to fairs, exhibitions, sporting events, spectator events and other activities which would be of interest and benefit to Okeechobee County and its residents.
  • The Committee also investigates, reviews and makes recommendations as to fee structures and maintenance and operational protocols, taking into consideration both community needs as well as minimizing the operational expenses. 

The Committee works with the Okeechobee County Agri-Civic Center Manager.  For more information about the Agri-Civic Center Advisory Committee, contact Agri-Civic Center Manager Matt Dorriety at 863-763-1666.

To be considered for appointment to the Agri-Civic Center Advisory Committee, submit a completed application to the County Administrator’s Office along with a copy of a driver’s license or other picture identification demonstrating residency in Okeechobee County. An Okeechobee County Citizen Board/Committee application may be obtained from the County Administrator’s Office or downloaded at:  Citizen Application for Committee Advisory Board [rev. March 2015]


"B" Board with 11 Members serving 4 year staggered terms


 Term Ending
  Mark Brandel   03/01/20
 Darrell Donnelly  03/01/20
 Jim Davis   03/01/20
 George Cooper   03/01/20
 Jeff Rusinko   03/01/20
 Jeff Jones  03/01/21
 Mack (Hoot) Worley  03/01/21
 Frank Cunningham  03/01/22
 Michelle Yochim-Rowley  03/01/22
 Renee Burks  03/01/23
 Albert Ceballos  03/01/23