Construction Industry Licensing Board

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The Construction Industry Licensing Board is responsible for reviewing applications for sponsorship for various trade exams, reviewing complaints against contractors, imposing fines where appropriate, conducting hearings for contractors appealing citations received for violation of licensing and building code regulations, and recommending additional Specialty Contractor classifications including the applicable scope of work and the amount of experience required.  Board Members also serve as the Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals, which makes decisions on requests for variances to the Building Codes and hears appeals on decisions made by the Building Official. 

The Board consists of 7 members and 1 alternate that serve staggered 3-year terms.  When possible, the Board should include five active certified or registered contractors, one active specialty contractor and one lay person.  All members of the Board must be residents of Okeechobee County. 

The Board meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. The Board works with the Code Compliance Division of the Okeechobee County Community Development Department.  For more information contact the Community Development Department at (863) 763-5548 or download application at:  Citizen Board and Committee Application

Construction Industry Licensing Board

Board Member


 Elbert Batton (building contractor)  03/01/2019
 Steve Schoonmaker (electrical contractor)  03/01/2019
 Tony Stark (specialty contractor)  03/01/2019
 Mark Brandel (Certified Contractor)  03/01/2020
 Vacant (Contractor or Lay Person)  03/01/2020
 Wes Abney (building contractor)  03/01/2021
 Osiel Luciano (Contractor or Lay Person)  03/01/2021
 Vacant (Alternate)  03/01/2021