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       The Value Adjustment Board hears appeals from property owners regarding the assessed value for ad valorem tax purposes of their real property or tangible personal property.  The Board also hears appeals of denials of ad valorem tax exemptions such as homestead and agriculture classifications, and of determinations of a late filing of an application for an exemption.

       The Value Adjustment Board consists of 5 members.  The Board of County Commissioners appoints 2 County Commissioners and 1 citizen to the Value Adjustment Board.  The School Board appoints 1 School Board member and one citizen to the Value Adjustment Board.  The citizen member appointed by the Board of County Commissioners must own homestead property in the County.  The citizen member appointed by the School Board must own a business occupying commercial space located in the County.  Citizen members may not be a member or employee of any taxing authority and may not be a person who represents property owners in any administrative or judicial review of property taxes.  All Value Adjustment Board members are appointed annually.

       The Value Adjustment Board meets as necessary, usually in October of each year. For more information about the Value Adjustment Board, contact the Okeechobee County Property Appraiser at (863) 763-4422.

Value Adjustment Board | Updated: 01.28.2013
Board Member Description Year
Bryant Culpepper County Commissioner 2013
Joey Hoover County Commissioner 2013
Bill Dover County Commission citizen appointee 2013
Elvie Posey (alternate) County Commission citizen appointee 2013
David Williams School Board member 2013
Joe Arnold (alternate) School Board member 2013
Michael Sumner School Board citizen appointee 2013
Anita Nunez (alternate) School Board citizen appointee 2013

       To be considered for a County appointment to the Value Adjustment Board, submit a completed application to the County Administrator’s Office along with verification of ownership of homestead property in the County. An Okeechobee County Citizen Board/Committee application may be obtained from the County Administrator’s Office or downloaded from the Okeechobee County website. For information on School Board appointments to the Value Adjustment Board, contact Superintendent Ken Kenworthy at (863) 462-5000 x 226.

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