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Albert, BethCode Enforcement Supervisor and OfficerCode Enforcement(863) 763-5548 ext. 3050
Anuez, MariahHuman Resource DirectorAdministrative Services(863) 763-6441 ext. 3
Carter, SarahVeterans Service OfficerAdministrative Services(863) 763-6441 ext. 5
Chartier, RobbieCounty AdministratorAdministrator(863) 763-6441 ext. 1
Conrad, KelleyBudget DirectorAdministrative Services(863) 763-9312 ext. 4
Dorriety, MattAgri-Civic Center ManagerAgri-Civic Center(863) 763-1666
Franklin, RalphPublic Safety Director/Fire ChiefFire Rescue Services(863) 763-5544
Hied, AdamAirport DirectorAirport(863) 467-5505
Howle, John Public Works (863) 763-3514
Kersey, Richard Cemetery Manager(863) 763-2420
King, KrestaLibrary DirectorLibrary(863) 763-3536
Leach, TomSenior Services ManagerSenior Services(863) 462-5180
Moore, BryanRoad DirectorRoad Department(863) 763-3514
Murphy, Kenny Facilities Maintenance Project CoordinatorFacilities Management(863) 357-7007
Oden, DonnieCapital Projects DirectorCapital Projects(863) 763-0805
Rowland, RussellAssistant to Co Administrator/Special ProjectsAdministrative Services(863) 763-1811
Rowland, CP, Tracy Executive Assistant to County AdministratorAdministrative Services(863) 763-6441 ext. 1
Royce, BillCommunity Development DirectorCommunity Development, Planning and Zoning(863) 763-5548 ext. 3070
Sheffield, TealPool ManagerParks and Recreation(863) 467-7667
Sheriffs Office Okeechobee CountyAnimal Control and Animal Shelter(863) 357-3225