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What is a 4-H club?

Clubs are the foundation of 4-H. A 4-H club is a group of five or more youngsters guided by one or more
adults. A club can be any size--from a small group of kids from the same neighborhood to a large group of
youth from within the county. A 4-H club has a planned program that is ongoing throughout all or most of
the year, and can meet in any location. Typically, a club's members elect officers. 4-H clubs are organized
and supported to provide community-based, positive, structured learning opportunities for youth during
their developmental years.

What do kids in a 4-H club do?

Kids in 4-H clubs participate in a wide variety of fun projects, based on members' interests. Members learn
through projects on such topics as animal care, gardening, woodworking, safety, photography, outdoor
activities, science and much more. Members choose their own projects. 4-H members build life skills like
decision-making, communication, citizenship, and leadership. They also meet new friends, and, most
important, have lots of fun!

Do all 4-H clubs offer the same activities?

All kids are different, and so are 4-H clubs! The goals and structures of 4-H clubs vary according to the
needs of the members they serve. Some clubs offer one project topic that all members experience together
at the club meetings. Others offer a selection of projects delivered through project meetings held apart from
the clubs' main meetings. Some clubs have a singular geographic focus, or serve specific audiences, such as
afterschool clubs.

What kinds of projects can I do in a 4-H club?

The sky is the limit! But most projects fall into one of the following ten areas:
 Animal Sciences
 Citizenship and Leadership Education
 Communication Sciences and Expressive Arts
 Environmental Education and Earth Sciences
 Family and Consumer Sciences
 Healthy Lifestyle Education
 Plant Science
 Science and Technology

What age do I have to be to join 4-H?

Youth ages 5 - 18 (as of September 1 of the current year) can be 4-H club members and can enroll in many
different 4-H projects. Youth ages 5 - 7 can be Cloverbud members. Usually, Cloverbuds are in separate,
non-competetive clubs, where they sample a variety of 4-H projects. Older 4-H members also have special
opportunities, such as serving on a countywide 4-H council and attending state level events.

How can I be part of a 4-H club?

There are three different ways to become part of a 4-H club:
1. Join an existing 4-H club in your area.
2. Start a new 4-H club with your friends and neighbors.
3. Start a 4-H club at your school, afterschool or another location, like a military base.

For information about how to start or join a club in your area, please contact your local 4-H Agent at the
Okeechobee County Extension Office:

Paula Daniel, Extension Agent
458 Hwy 98 North
Okeechobee, FL 34972
Ph: (863) 763-6469

To enroll your child in 4H please go to:  4-H Online

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