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Best Places To Stay In Okeechobee, Florida

A small Florida town blossoming just north of the gorgeous Lake Okeechobee, the lake’s namesake has a big ‘ol heart, and plenty of warm hospitality to go around. Okeechobee locals love the hidden treasures housed in this stunning ecological treasure trove, and it is not just the airboat “safaris” giving visitors a thrill. This is an awesome destination for all sorts of holidaymakers and eco-tourists alike.

A surprising, and obviously pleasing, feature of the rural location is the impressive number of accommodation choices which are readily available; ranging from high-end hotels to more rustic camping facilities. There is something for everyone - from families looking for an easy outdoor getaway, to nature lovers seeking to minimize their impact while maximizing new experiences, to couples coveting romance and champagne on the shores of paradise. Okeechobee has it all.


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A slightly out-of-the-way location, one might expect a little ‘backwater’ atmosphere from the Okeechobee region, but locals in the know are proud to prove otherwise. There is plenty on offer for the discerning traveler, with classic hotel chains, like the Holiday Inn franchise dotted all around town. Some rather well-known hotels call this area home, but there is a burgeoning movement toward boutique hotels and quaint inns, too.

Don’t discount the unique local offerings either - they may just surprise you! Being a haven for wildlife and a birdwatcher’s dream, Okeechobee hosts are a little more focused on their carbon footprint than many other areas. Eco-tourists will certainly appreciate the “green-ness” of the Okeechobee board and lodging options on offer.


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For the more adventurous of spirit, Okeechobee is a tropical playground full of hiking, exploring, fishing, and sanctuary campgrounds. Hike ‘The Big O’ trail or spend some time reeling in a big enough one to weave into your grandchildren’s stories one day. Take the whole family along or simply spend time rekindling cozy memories in front of a crackling campfire.

Vacation Rentals

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Family-friendly holiday packages are also on offer, from vacation rental apartments, to lakeside cabins tucked into tropical groves. The self-catering option does not necessarily have to limit family fun. Try one of the value family restaurants in the area for a well-deserved break the family cook can also savor.

Of course, no American vacation rental location would be complete without a growing following on Airbnb. Okeechobee is no exception, with a wide variety of friendly homes available on the international booking platform. Reasonably priced and aimed at providing comfortable, homegrown Florida hospitality, the Okeechobee residents are enthusiastic hosts, excited to share their slice of paradise with visitors from all over the globe.

RV Resorts and Parks

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Lastly, Okeechobee is home to world-class RV resorts, like the Okeechobee KOA. The largest freshwater lake in Florida, Lake Okeechobee offers much more than spectacular scenery, boasting one of the densest populations of the alligator in Florida (and on earth).

Whatever you are searching for, Okeechobee and its surrounds are sure to have it close at hand. Come and reflect on the goodness of life under the Florida sunshine, as it sparkles off the Big O in stunning Okeechobee, FL.

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