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Children's Service Council

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The Children's Services Council of Okeechobee County is an independent taxing authority founded in 1990.  The Council’s mission is to enhance the lives of all children in Okeechobee County and enable them to attain their full potential by providing funds to qualifying agencies. These agencies provide programs that improve the quality of life for children and include preventive, developmental, treatment and/or rehabilitative services.  The Council annually reviews funding requests solicited by Requests for Proposals.

The Council consists of 10 members.  Five member positions representing the School District, County, Health Department and Juvenile Justice system are mandated by Florida Statute.  The other five Council members serve staggered 4-year terms and are appointed by the Governor, but must first be nominated by the Board of County Commissioners.  Citizens who wish to serve on the Council must submit a Questionnaire for Gubernatorial Appointments to the Board of County Commissioners.

To qualify for an appointment, a citizen must have resided in Okeechobee County for at least 24 months immediately preceding the submittal of an application. The Council meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m.

For more information about the Children’s Services Council, contact Cheryl Sutton at (863) 462-5000 x 255 or download application at: Citizen Application for Committee Advisory Board [rev 8-15-19] PDFA and ADA ckd



Board Members and Vacancies:

 Ms. Melisa Jahner (Governor Appointment Pending)  Governor Appointment Pending
 Ms. Wendy Coker (Governor Appointed)
 Ms. Patricia McCoy  (Governor Appointed)   08/26/21
 Ms. Heather Hancock (Governor Appointed)   08/26/22  
 Mr. Terry Burroughs   (Commissioner)
 Mr. Ken Kenworthy  (School Superintendent)       
 Honorable William Wallace   (Judge)  
 Ms. Amanda Reidel   (School Board Member)       
 Mr. Dennis Miles   (HRS Representative)
 VACANT   (State of FL Representative)
 Ms. Kathleen Blair   Executive Director